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Keynote Speaker, James Lange, CPA/JD

James Lange, CPA/JD
Nationally-Acclaimed Roth IRA Expert,
Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Training Your Financial Advisors on the Latest, Cutting-Edge Roth IRA Conversion Strategies

Jim Lange – Now Available to Train YOUR Team

Most recent unsolicited testimonial
I wanted to thank you for your participation in our first Tax Talk University.  The feedback we received was tremendous and we have signed up several of the attendees for both Gradient Tax and Gradient Insurance, so thank you for your assistance.  I spoke with an advisor specifically that had been to multiple Ed Slott events, Natalie Choate, as well as others and he told me the information you delivered regarding IRA’s and the overall presentation was far superior to anything he had encountered previously! Kudos to you!  Thank you again for your participation and I look forward to working with you in the future.

-Jeff Quick, Senior Vice President, Gradient Tax
2010 Tax Talk University

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Get to Know Jim Lange, CPA/JD, Registered Investment Advisor

Jim Lange, CPA/JD is President of 3 interrelated companies that provide financial services to IRA and retirement plan owners. Jim is President of a CPA firm, a law firm that limits its practice to estate planning and the drafting of wills and trusts and a registered investment advisory firm that provides cutting-edge Roth IRA conversion strategies and conservative money management. All 3 companies are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he has been practicing for the last 30 years.

Jim is a nationally recognized IRA, 401(k) and Roth IRA Conversion expert. Recently, Jim founded the Roth IRA Institute™ to help financial professionals such as yourselves and IRA and retirement plan owners to get the most from their retirement plans and Roth IRA conversions.

Jim is the author of two editions of the best seller, Retire Secure! Pay Taxes Later. Larry King wrote the foreword and Ed Slott wrote the introduction. Retire Secure! enjoys glowing testimonials from the industry’s best: Charles Schwab, Roger Ibbotson, Jane Bryant Quinn, Bob Keebler, Natalie Choate and 60 other financial professionals.

In addition to publishing Retire Secure!, Jim’s articles and recommendations have appeared over 30 times in The Wall Street Journal and his estate planning solution, “Lange’s Cascading Beneficiary Plan” has been featured in Financial Planning magazine, Bottom Line, The Tax Adviser, Kiplinger’s, The Wall Street Journal and hundreds of other sources.

Jim Lange, CPA/JD: Educating Financial Advisors & Clients Alike

Now, with the $100,000 Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) limitation dropped for Roth IRA conversions starting January 1, 2010, the opportunities are endless. Jim is perfectly positioned to give your audience the finest Roth IRA conversion education. For years, Jim has traveled around the country and presented hundreds of workshops spreading the word on the value of the Roth IRA conversion. This dates back more than ten years ago when Jim was on the cutting-edge of this opportunity. In 1998 he was published in the peer-reviewed The Tax Adviser touting the benefits of the Roth IRA conversion and has yet to stop.

Roth IRA Workshops for Advisors & Clients: Jim has developed an advanced educational program for advisors and a more consumer-friendly version for clients and prospects. Most firms are hiring Jim to give two different talks in one day - a presentation to educate financial advisors in the afternoon and another presentation to attract and educate clients and prospects in the evening. This timely topic is perfect for wealthy IRA and retirement plan owners, since Roth IRA conversions haven’t been on their radar until now. As a bonus in both the advisor and client workshops, Jim also describes the best estate plan for traditional families who own IRA and retirement plans.

For the best results, Jim can customize his workshops for your particular audience. He has spoken to financial planners, attorneys, CPAs, bankers, insurance producers, retirement groups, professional groups, associations and corporations. Jim has also addressed groups of clients and prospects and does a fine job teaching technical concepts in easy-to-understand language.

Some of the concepts that Jim covers:

  • How advisors can attract high net worth prospects by developing Roth IRA conversion expertise.
  • Understanding the concept of measuring wealth by purchasing power rather than total dollars.
  • How Roth IRA conversions can help families by thousands and often millions of dollars.
  • How to protect your clients from a decline in their Roth IRA conversion.
  • An extremely powerful strategy centered around making a series of Roth IRA conversions in 2010 of multiple accounts and recharacterizing the Roth IRAs that didn’t perform as well before October 15, 2011.
  • Why Roth IRA conversions are particularly beneficial for wealthier IRA owners.
  • The potential downsides of a Roth IRA conversion?
  • A little-known technique for making a Roth IRA conversion from nondeductible IRAs and after-tax dollars inside a retirement plan without paying taxes.
  • The best estate plan for most traditional families.
  • How much should you convert to a Roth IRA and when should you convert?

For more information on booking Jim as a speaker for your next event, please contact Amanda Cassady-Schweinsberg Marketing Director at 1-800-387-1129 or amanda@paytaxeslater.com.


Attention Wholesalers
Let Jim Lange Help You Build a More Profitable Sales Territory

Building a profitable sales territory is a tall order, indeed, so why not let a nationally-acclaimed Roth IRA expert help you do just that? Jim has developed a system that takes the stress out of securing appointments with top brokers. Hire Jim Lange to speak to advisors in your territory and offer them a FREE copy of Retire Secure! for attending. Jim’s best-selling book, Retire Secure! provides crucial information advisors need when working with their clients and is undoubtedly a great resource for their personal library.

After hearing Jim speak, advisors are motivated and want to hear more… they are curious and definitely want a copy of Retire Secure! After the presentation, it’s easy to set appointments. After the event simply call the advisor and ask them when you can drop off their copy of Retire Secure!. Our results show advisors are inviting the wholesaler in immediately and giving them 15-20 minutes to introduce themselves and their product… thus the relationship is born – professionally and stress free.
If you are a wholesaler or are in wholesaler management and want to book Jim Lange to boost territory sales, contact our Marketing Director, Amanda Cassady-Schweinsberg at 1.800.387.1129 or amanda@paytaxeslater.com. As a former variable annuity wholesaler, she understands your position and can help design a marketing program that will get results within your territory. Call today!


Financial Advisors: Become an Expert on Roth IRA Conversions!
Give Your Own Roth IRA Conversion Workshop!

If you are a financial advisor and want to catapult your practice to the next level, Jim Lange has made available his done-for-you IRA workshop... the same workshop he uses to create a crucial pipeline of potential clients for himself. If you are interested in learning more about Jim Lange’s turn-key IRA workshop system, go to www.paytaxeslater.com/2010rothrevolution.htm or contact his Marketing Director, Amanda Cassady-Schweinsberg, at 1.800.387.1129 or amanda@paytaxeslater.com




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